Sunday, January 24, 2010

My feathery nest

I've spent the past week mulling over what my first creative steps should be. I took some photos on a walk, but quickly realized my motivation for doing so was only to make this blog more inviting and pretty (and although I do strive for an inviting and pretty blog, that's not why I've created it). I thought about making a crazy pair of tights to wear, but that didn't seem right, either. Suddenly, while showering a few mornings ago (I do my best thinking in that shower!) it hit me! How could I even think of exploring my creativity without a creative space?

So I've been working on turning my second guest bedroom into a creative candlelit caravan. I've moved the twin bed into a corner, for naps and quiet musings, and I've taken the sewing machine out the closet where I can better access it. I'm planning on painting poems on the walls and hanging sari-print curtains in the windows!

I'll have to be very creative when decorating my nest, since funds are limited, but I've promised myself that only those items that I absolutely LOVE will be allowed. Oh, and fairy lights will most certainly be included.

Do you have a favorite creative space? And if so, what objects feather your nest? I'd love to hear how you make your sacred space...well, sacred!

Photos are stay tuned.


  1. I was all ready to beg for before and after photos when you added that at the end. I am in exactly the same place Jennifer! Turning a bedroom into a creativity studio (that's what I'm calling it). A place where the Fragrant Muse can, well, muse!

    I'm so pleased that you're making your creativity a priority. It will come back to reward you 100fold!

  2. I have recently reclaimed my formal living room from the mess that was a playroom! The walls and furniture are dark- a perfect backdrop to all of my favorite brightly colored accesories. Can't wait to see YOUR nest. Happy decorating!

  3. I, unfortunately, am still too young, broke, and ill-equipped to have a place of my own. My apartment is nice, yes, and it has many of my belongings scattered throughout. However, along with these things I love are also school papers, books, my stethoscope, and saline filled syringes (they came home in my pocket on accident okay!!). These things are a representation of what I love, but they also represent a much more stressful element of my life. Because of this, my creative space is not my room, but instead can be found in my little, black, scratched and scuffed, old and battered and way overused iPod. When I listen to my music is when thoughts come to me, when I think about deeper issues than what could possibly be on my next exam. Music opens the door to the place where I am able to escape. I'd be a sad and dull person without music to feed my thoughts and my emotions.

    I think everyone has their own gateway to creativity, no matter if it is a place or an object.

    Your blog is beautiful, Jen, and I enjoyed reading!
    (P.S. great question at the end of this entry! It made me think and I really wanted to answer, obviously).

  4. Amazingly I was going through the same thing. About blog design and creative space. I ended up going with a template for the blog for now. The creative space is coming along too. I have a bed set up like a couch for rest and my computer desk. Desk, room, and accessories all painted brightly colored. Oranges, blues, bright yellow and my favorite called "cosmic berry." The ceiling is painted as what I refer to as "Starry Night." Swirls and galaxies. It really does the trick.